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Search Engine Optimization is a process that allows website/blog owners to communicate with search engines. The higher ranked and more frequently a website/blog appears in search engines, the more targeted traffic it is likely to receive from search engine users. Search Engine Optimization allows website/blog owners to tell search engines what type of traffic is relevant to their business.
Search Engine Optimization targets a variety of searches, including video search, local search, image search, and etc., all of which are equally important to your success online. Which is why it is of uttermost important that you communicate clearly and effectively with search engines in order to achieve best results and hopefully make more money with your website/blog?
You must keep in mind though, that competition is fierce on the internet as the fight for customers is intensifying with each passing second. It is for this very reason that you must approach the market with much thought and understanding. It is well to run your website/blog like any other business out there if you would see your online business prosper.
Many website/blog owners find it especially difficult to compete on a global level because they fail to utilize Search Engine Optimization in the right way. And because of this, they end up with millions of useless traffic to their sites on a daily basis. To your success, it only makes sense that you understand just how these search engines operate. There are many search engines available, but only few of those are popular, namely – Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These three are considered major search engines to most internet users because of their usability.
In order to make your website/blog more visible to online customers, you must employ SEO techniques on your site that most online businesses, even well-established ones are using to their advantage.
If your website/blog is designed for the sole purpose of selling women’s shoes, for example, then you might consider optimizing ‘women’s shoes’ on your site/page for best results. In doing so, you are in fact letting search engines know what type of customers you want them to send to your site. When people type ‘women’s shoes’ in their browsers, your website/blog will more likely appear in the search results, and above all, on top of the page if you did a good job with Search Engine Optimization.


Writing – be you a beginner or professional, must come from within. Most writers who write from without do not succeed because they don’t have a starting point – a flow of ideas that comes naturally to born writers. Fortunately, the trigger mechanism for natural writing already exists within all of us; never is it too late for any of us to learn – or at least unleash the power of clustering. Clustering allows every human being to access the right hemisphere of their brain which is far too often left untapped.

Most of us have heard the saying that so-and-so is a “born writer.” This concept puts the so-called born writer in a different predicament from most of us – or so we think – since we have to labor so intensely with writing. In truth, the aptitude that underlies all writing, one that allows you to fuse your emotions into your writing, is a gift we all possess. And yet only a few of us know how to navigate a sustained relationship with the English language.

Writing naturally has an expressive power which most people tend to lose when the process of writing is introduced to us in school – in smithereens: grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics. Writing becomes the least of most people’s concerns, and sometimes fearful. As a result, a limited number of people turn to writing as a motherly source of pleasure and gratification. Natural writing is first of all an act of self-expression of what you know, see, hear, taste, touch – all of which reflects the many hidden characteristics of who you’re.