Let’s Begin Writing

But there’s nothing to write about, so you say; what is there to write about? Honestly, there’re lots of stories yearning to be told. Politics, the government shutdown, education, and immigration, for example, are all headlines waiting to be made. And, no, you don’t have to be an English professor to begin writing, just keep it simple – short sentences generally are better than long ones. At the moment we are not trying for “style” but for communication instead. Style will come at a later time.

As a general rule, the active voice is better pointed to clarity than the passive voice; what I am suggesting here, is that the indicative mood is better than the subjective mood. It is very easy to veer off message when you use the subjective mood. The law, to which all other laws are subordinate, is that the words employed must be such as to convey to your readers the meaning of your craft. And avoid being misunderstood or misleading.

Of course, it is well, to use words of your choosing, but, always remember the reason for which you’re writing – communicating. Use familiar words that most people will not be confused about – words your readers will understand without second guessing. Although most readers will figure out meaning depending upon how a word is used in a sentence, it’s best to strive for simplicity. There are times when style really matters, even then, use vivid words that will add dice to your writing. Learn to fuse your emotions into your craft and allow your readers to enjoy your skills.

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