Nelson Mandela

My dearly beloved Nelson Mandela,

I can no longer wait to express my gratitude for what you’ve done – the torture, humiliation, you endured, for decades in confinement, all in the name of freedom, but because nothing is impossible, you were able to overcome. For almost three months, I cried, I begged, I prayed, for you to get better, and when my prayers hit a brick wall, I knew, then, that it wasn’t my call to make, but rather my God’s. I modestly believe that no human being alive today will ever know why and how God makes his decisions.

Yes, my dearly beloved Mandela, you may not be alive to see how the world is reacting to the news – your passing, but this I want you to know, that your legacy will forever live. And indeed, my beloved Mandela, this I do know, that it is for this very reason why history, does in fact, exist.

When the news broke – that you had moved on, I did not know how to receive it, I just wasn’t ready for it quite yet; for a few minutes, I sat there not knowing exactly how to begin to navigate the fact that you were no more. My dearly beloved Mandela, I’m well aware of the fact that you were 95 years old, but knowing that you were there gave me a deeply centered comfort, strength, and dignity, that made me want to keep on pushing forward though at times nothing seemed possible. Knowing that you were there, though unable to do much or anything anymore, made me believe in what is.

Sitting down, staring into space for a few minutes, thinking what now? Oh… my dearly beloved Mandela, know this, that you will be remembered for ages to come, and that in our hearts, you will, indeed, live forever. No words will explain how dearly you will be missed by the multitudes around the globe – REST IN ETERNAL PEACE!

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