Monthly Archives: May 2014

The economy is perhaps one of the most debated topics in modern history, in part, because most people from all-across the globe have been affected, as a result. Most people would say that they lost their homes, businesses, jobs, and so on and so forth, some… marriages, family, etc. The down-turn of the economy has left many wondering – what happened? Or is there anything anybody could have done to prevent the down-turn?

I am not quite certain if economists do, in fact, have any clues as to what happen or how the down-turn could have been prevented, in the first place. One economist would say the bursting of the U.S housing bubble was to blame, yet, another would say – failures in financial regulation caused the down-turn. As the effects drag-on, the debate rages on and on.

I am still trying to dissect the misery left behind by the down-turn, especially because I was hit from every angle – right, left, front, and center. The only part of me that was left untouched was my sole – the epic center of my whole-being.

Before the down-turn of economy, I was one of the biggest critics who viewed homelessness as a choice, or a result of laziness, but when the economy crushed in 2008, I had to recite my inmost thinking. Because, only then, did I begin to realize that sometimes you can’t be prepared enough for the aftermath. Nothing could have adequately primed me of the magnitude of what was coming.

It came, it hit, and now, it’s gone – somewhat, and I am, as do many others – left to pick-up the pieces together, as if a category 9 hurricane just cruised by – leaving every foundation uprooted from its base and every roof detached from its structure – thrown off proportion hundreds of miles by heavy winds.

But what lessons, if any, have we all learned from this? Historians would say that history does, in fact, repeat itself. I hope they’re wrong!