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Content Marketing is a way in which business owners communicate with their prospective customers by consistently producing relevant and valuable content with the intention of enhancing consumer behavior. This is an ongoing procedure, which is best incorporated into your complete marketing approach that focuses on capitalizing on social media.

Conclusively, content marketing is a methodology that allows business owners to create relevant and unique content to attract, acquire, and retain a clearly defined target audience to engage and influence consumer action without direct selling. Instead of selling to your customers products and services, you instead provide them with interesting information via an online diary, for a particular subject or niche, which must then be updated regularly. The other aspect of content marketing is that it can be interactive – where your target audience can actually comment on your posts and information – and become part of your circles.

The great perception about content marketing is that people love to read for fun and information – in fact, content marketing is one of the few areas of the internet that covers a vast field of topics including business, health, pleasure, networking, play, and etc. It is for this very justification content marketing has universal appeal across multiple communication platforms. It can do for your business what only face-to-face marketing could effectively do in the past – provides you with real, interesting connection to your readers-personalized contact, and information about your company which will allow them to empathize, and discuss important issues, as well as anything that involves hot button topics and your business.

This in turn will create a group of raving fans who will always look forward to what you have to say – creating a sense of community; a community of people who like you, and trust everything you say pertaining to products or services. A consumer who relates to you is more likely to buy from you.


When I was in Los Angeles, CA., I was asked to give a speech at the Family Housing Christmas party. And it reads as follows:

Good evening! My Name is Viora, and welcome to family housing!

When my kids and I left Atlanta, we left behind everything we loved and cherished: friends, co-workers, good jobs, schools and neighborhoods, to which we were accustomed, but leaving Atlanta was a decision I had to make if I were to live old enough to see my grand-kids.

I didn’t know how to begin to navigate the fact that my kids and I were about to become homeless. Relocating to California without a plan or money to keep us afloat, was like climbing mount Kilimanjaro without proper hiking gear.

Moving from one place to another and then another and another, has since become common place for me and my kids…it’s become the new norm so to say. While there are things we wish should have stayed the same or lasted forever, we must also begin to realize that the world in which we live, change is inevitable…and sometimes we labor more than usual to keep up with the pace at which change occurs. It is about time we began to fathom that sometimes change is about just all we need to break the cycle…the cycle of struggle, domestic violence, humiliation, homelessness and poverty.

Please understand that comfort feels good, but sometimes it is that same comfort that prohibits us from reaching our highest potential. I don’t see how I could get comfortable if all of my needs are yet to be met: the decency of having a good job with better pay, a big house, fancy cars, a good neighborhood and better schools for my kids.

You must therefore understand that life is just as good or bad as you think it is, and that a human being can only be as good or bad as himself.

Please understand that I was given the opportunity to converse a topic of my choosing. Of course, I could have chosen to speak about money, for it is the root-cause of many of our problems, here. But instead, I chose to share a word of encouragement because the holiday season does not allow for financial lectures…it is a time in which we share, encourage one another and respectfully reflect on past occurrences.

It is without doubt that time of year when family is placed above all else. Although it is evident that life is as hard as it is uncertain, it is important to remember that certain things matter more than others: mental health and capacity, physical health and strength…to mention a few.

This holiday season you owe it to yourself, your kids, and your neighbors to be the best that you can. Life is too short to spend it calculating your life’s savings.

Even as we celebrate this holiday season, let us not forget the wonderful men and women , who have, for many years, worked tirelessly to make many dreams come true. Mr. Ricardo, Angie, Adriana, Rachael, though she’s not here with us today, and all of our sponsors who have taken it as their personal responsibility to see to it that every family’s holiday here at the Midnight Mission is one to remember.

Please allow me to simply say thank you from the deepest wells of my soul…thank you!

First-off, let me begin by explaining to you what Network Marketing is and what it is not. Network Marketing is about building tangible assets. Network Marketing is not about selling a product or service. A tangible asset is one that will continue to bring in money long after you are gone. What exactly am I talking about, here? In order for anyone to fathom the distinction between the two, they must first comprehend the whole truth behind network marketing.

I know just as much as you do to realize that most people aren’t great sales men. I know that I’m not, not even close to being one. So, how can you build tangible assets without selling a product or service? Well, your product or service is just as good as your long-lost customer, when that customer is not available to purchase your product or service, you have no one to sell to.

You must also then begin to realize that selling is another way of earning an income. The only difference between you (the small business owner) and an employee is that you have something to sell, an employee does not; he works eight-hour shifts to earn an income. Whether you’re selling products and services or working, you are still earning an income. If you don’t make any sales, you don’t make any money. The same holds true for an employee – no work, no money.

Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, told us to work hard, if we wanted to live like kings. Go to school and get those good grades. But, is that true, still? Yes and No. Why? Yes – we all know that you have to work hard to build wealth. Yes, with good grades and education, you do stand a chance of getting a good job with better pay. And, No – you can’t possibly build wealth by working hard for another person. No, even with a good job, you have but still slave away behind the scenes.

Tricky! Not so much. If you’re in the business of selling jewelry, for instance, the only way you will make money is by selling that jewelry. Quit selling jewelry, and your cash-flow evaporates like mist. The same is true with a lawyer, doctor, teacher, housekeeper, and etc. The one thing that stands between this group of people and homelessness is a paycheck.

In addition, statistics have proved, time and again, that majority of the-super-rich, have no formal college education. And yet those same people, who themselves are not nearly as educated, are constantly looking for the highly educated. Have you ever wondered why? Simple! It’s because they want you to be their cash machine or ATM, in other words – harvest you of everything that would be of value to them.

Back to Tax Advantages – governments encourage individuals such as me and you, to therefore create our own businesses. Which is why they offer all kinds of incentives to bolster business minded people. But because most people’s minds have been so brain-washed by the simple lie of having a secure job, they have turned a blind eye to the very opportunity that’s readily available to them. Please understand then that your employer benefits greatly by employing you. Rather than opening your eyes, you blame the government for giving Tax Advantages to your employer.

If you’re asking why? The truth is simple – taking care of you is, after-all, the responsibility of the government, and when your employer offers you a job, that burden is instead diverted. Are you still mad at the government or are you mad at yourself? Build wealth by creating Multiple Streams of Income. TBC!