Monthly Archives: March 2016

For many years, my kids and I were drifters – moving from place-to-place – because of domestic violence. Before becoming homeless, I had a good job with better pay, one I was forced to abandon for reasons far beyond my reach.

I have since found my footing. Although the hit-and-run accident on November 29, 2015, left me a different person, with a different set of skills, objectives and priorities, I try hard to work within my limits.

My responsibilities cannot wait; my two little boys do not have the capacity to understand what happened to me, and ways in which I’ve been hurt, but still my babies. Therefore, I have to stay a mother, even if it means I labor more than what many would consider normal, even if it means I pretend, so long as my kids are well taken care of, that is something I intend to do.

Even with limitations I can still make the most out of every single day to remain relevant in today’s society. I need the help and support of every individual to ensure I don’t become a burden. My e-books are a great read, that I know for sure.

I do not intend to retire before I become of age – 67; I will do more than just try to make ends meet.

I have been hurt in ways no man will find necessary to understand, and I don’t expect you to. All that I ask of you is your help and support. I want my pride and dignity preserved. I can’t stand being treated as though something is wrong with me, different, because am not; am just like any other person out there. I may not be able to stand on my two feet, not just as yet, but that in itself does not make me any different from the rest.

The driver who hit me was driving a stolen car, and therefore without auto insurance. I have become my own advocate, because someone who does not understand my situation cannot explain my position fully. Most of my injuries are invisible, and even I cannot explain. I reached out to the governor, hoping to hear some encouraging news, unfortunately, even the governor has no clue; he doesn’t know how he can be of help. Shame! The governor, I thought, would have answers to questions involving citizens, I suppose I was wrong. Some of these leaders are good for nothing!

I can contribute to society with limitations, though I cannot stand on two feet. Please visit vioramayobo dot com to purchase an e-book!