Monthly Archives: January 2018

We learned how behave from our leaders in the past times, what to say in public when we thought someone was listening, and what to do. Remember those days? I still do. Unfortunately, those days are gone, today … we have entered uncharted territory. All the dos and don’ts have been redefined, because the world is now run by unashamed dictators who don’t seem to understand the underlying problem of behaving like spoiled brats. Chaos takes over, the anything goes philosophy is not a governing strategy, it’s a fantasy.

Many of us who have lived long enough to know, know we are on a wrong and dangerous path. I’m afraid, and so should you. We have presidents being babysat, and somehow … we expect to see change fall down from heaven, it won’t.

Where we are we chose to be, and it’s going to take your vote as well as mine to change the madness in Washington. Paul Ryan knows Trump is kuku yet he won’t do anything to begin impeachment proceedings. He sees Trump as a useful idiot he can use to forge crooked tax bills through this seemingly fractured congress – both houses.

Because both houses are now held by crooked GOP criminals, we can expect this madness to get even worse. It is time we stopped watching and started talking, protesting, etc. It’s our legal obligation to fight against injustice, uneven opportunity, etc. Join the impeachment march on January 20th, 2018. Thank you!