In the times past, I found pleasure in writing to educate, inform, and entertain. The hit-and-run accident, however, left me a completely different person, and my priorities have since changed. In that things I did with ease before the accident take me a whole lot longer to complete. But even if it means I labor more than usual, then that exactly is what I intend to do to stay relevant.

And I need the help and support of every individual in order to take care of my responsibilities.

The Numbers Game by Viora Mayobo is now available on Amazon Kindle Store, it’s available in e-book and paperback formats. It’s also available in Barnes & Noble, Authorhouse, and other major outlets.

My Great Desire to Live by Viora Mayobo is also available on Smashwords and other major sites; it’s available in e-book format. My Great Desire to Live gives you an insight as to how my life’s changed. It’s a great read, that I know for sure.





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