Free-Lance writing technique

It doesn’t bother me a bit that most people would explain writing a book as a ‘tooth pulling’ experience, just because it was. Writing a book and publishing it was as exhausting as it gets, for a fact that you had to complete one long process after another; by the time your book is ready to be published, months would have gone by. But that is a story of the yesterday…Thanks to #PoweredByIndie.

There aren’t too many people in this universe to-day with that kind of time at their hands; time is money, and therefore must be treated as such. If it has to take you months – 6-12 months – just to publish one book, then you are one of those left in the dust of yesterday.

The world of to-day moves like a current too fluid to wait for months or even a year for your book to be published, when other writers like you would have published one book after another. Indie publishers, at least most, do have the capability to publish one book every week or more, dependent upon their desired goal.

I can almost certainly say…most writers…write to make money, and if you are one of those still left in the dust of yesterday – writing one book in one year – chances are…it will be almost impossible for you to catch up with demand and supply.

And that is where self-publishing comes in handy; all you need is to write a compelling yet effective copy quickly to compete on leveled grounds. Writing doesn’t have to take months and sometimes years; there are other things to do as well besides writing. And every writer is different from the other, and with different stories to tell, as well as different segments to carter to.

It took me 8 months to complete my first book ( the Numbers Game), revise it more than once and get it published. Whereas my second book (12 Hour Work Days-Helicopter Parents) took me three weeks, at most to complete and publish it…That afforded me a window of opportunity to throw-in numerous e-books.

Writing – like any other business – is all about timing – you spend less time on crafting your ideas and more time on advertising. To make money writing, one must develop skills – writing and publishing quickly. The more you publish, the more likely you will be to succeed as a writer.



Free-lance writing is an especially good field for the beginning writer, because it unlimited in its market and does not require the complicated plotting technique that is inclined to mock the amateur. The writer is never confined to any subject out of his own liking. And naturally what a person likes he is more likely to excel in.

In no other field of writing can an amateur initiate so easily upon topics of his own line of interest: business, sports, good housekeeping, recipes, and so on.  There is for the beginning writer such an opportunity to duplicate checks for the same idea. You have but to learn how to rephrase each article you submit. At no time has the short article been so popular than at present time.

While it is true that we all learn from one another, it also is true that some of it has to come from within; a genuine desire to learn the right tactic and a love of writing. And of course, the rules of writing ­­­­are not to be ignored if you would see yourself succeed as a writer. Read. Read. Read.

There are just as many rules in life as there are people who break them. Do not kill. Do not commit adultery.  Do not steal. And of course, do not end a sentence with a preposition. But see, unless you knew what a preposition was in the first place, you may have committed this last sin thousands of times unknowingly.  Which is why it is important to know that there rules in heaven and on earth, with hell being an exception?

To succeed as a free-lance writer, you will find that a few distinct qualities are in fact essential. It therefore is almost impossible for anyone to teach you everything about writing; do your research and saturate yourself with good material. It is safe to say that writing is a business like any other. Believe in yourself and in your ability. Tackle the job with professionalism and enthusiasm, and above all, remember to employ the rules of writing; the eight parts of speech.