Look, we know enough to know that a democracy is one that affords us a chance to disagree respectfully, to treat us as though fools is what we won’t accept. We know that civilization is when we have opposing views, and agree to voice concerns regardless of what others might think of us. To disagree respectfully is one thing, to keep lying and offering nonsensical excuses, one after the other, is quite another. Because then the side offering stupid, disconnected nonsense, to ask people to go easy on their choice of president  – and I quote, he’s still new; he’s still learning – is like gauging people’s intellectual reasoning and their capacity to think through stuff.

We couldn’t have been loud enough to make those that found it necessary to support and cast a blind vote for Donald, change their mind. Everyone in a democracy has a genuine reason to want to support one presidential candidate over the other, but to come around after a short while, before your scumbag is even sworn in, and offer your side of twisted, illogical stories that only make sense to complete idiots, is unfathomable. If you are confused as to what it is I’m having quite a fuss about, look no further than here:

This kind of madness is what I will not keep quiet about, because it is stupid to mock others for their choice for president, then come out swinging about your Messiah’s first actions since you made us, all of us, look fools by making the most unqualified caricature…president of America. He’s still new, still learning, really, when he won’t agree to anything anyone says? As of now, he’s already showed the ‘Peeping Tom’ his governing methods, and they aren’t different from those of his habits of familiarity, the ones that have led to one bankruptcy after another.

Yes, this person won but he’s not worthy of leadership or respect, for those principles aren’t offered as free gifts, they are earned, and I don’t think there’s ever going to be anything this person will have to do to deserve my respect let alone my slightest acknowledgement.

And if all those people over at GOP/Paul Ryan Island thought this old feller of theirs would change his character because they made us surrender our freedoms, rights and much more, to him on election day, they are naive as a dollar bill. Because this man is not here to ass kiss, he’s here to make good on his promises, and whoever tries to stand in his way will be run over; he’s a category 16 hurricane no leader in the United States congress has the capacity to stop, the same mistake they made when they let him stay in the race after videos of him bragging about groping them by the pussy…surfaced. For their choice, this country has lost all the respect its citizens have enjoyed over the decades, and no dumb excuse of theirs will adequately competent for their madness.

What’s worse? We all will surfer the same fate and humiliation because of their inability to differentiate truth from lies! They are just as uneducated and misinformed as FOX news and Donald. Liars! Ignorant fools! Dictators!