Fellow Americans, I don’t know about you, but one thing I know about me … is that I don’t have short memory. ‘Lock Her Up’ echoes in my ears still no matter how hard I try to erase that phrase from my memory and move on. The problem is… more keeps coming, making it hard to ignore the pack of lies we have been exposed to in this year’s election-cycle. And I don’t blame those who have grown immune to the new culture, the lifestyle of lies.

How can you forget, when all you hear is this?

We don’t need that, he says, telling his followers who were jazzed up about that word – lock her up. He did in fact tell them that, that phrase was no longer relevant.

I know that people do have genuine reasons as to why they find it necessary to support and vote for one candidate over the other, but I don’t think those who cast a blind vote in his (Donald) favor are smart enough to have read through the lines. I think and hope that many will begin to realize what they have done to all of us, including much of intelligent people, who did not buy into those lies, the constant bragging, the mockery of people living with disabilities, the groping, the bigotry, division, etc., who must now live with their ignorant choice.

Quite frankly, Donald knew early on that Hillary Clinton’s e-mails contained nothing amounting to a prosecutable offense.

When I heard, Donald tell his followers, that he didn’t need them anymore… I wanted to be surprised but I wasn’t, because Donald is one person who doesn’t remember what he said a second ago. Those of us with long memory… find it conniving that many who love what he says don’t have the capacity to catch that. Thus, they keep going.

Donald treats his followers as though hungry babies who don’t seem to realize that food must be prepared fully before it’s ready to serve; they cry when they are hungry and cannot wait for the food to be prepared, well. As a crazy parent, you would have to come up with a quick-fix – give candy to your villains to keep them quiet for a bit, maintain them as you think of what type of food would make them constipated a while longer.

Every time Donald says something, intelligent people will immediately go to work, dissecting his message, their minds… hard at work, trying to decipher truth from lies. And when that’s the case for years to come, my friends, it’s frightening. Lies do have consequences. Trust has its own merits!

Those are some of the things America has stood against since its existence. But the Pandora’s Box has been cracked open, and the Jaguar has crawled to its death. Oh, did I mention that Mitch McConnell’s wife is to serve on Donald’s cabinet, because Mitch McConnell refused to investigate Russia’s Putin and his involvement in this year’s election?

I took no interest in knowing who Mitch McConnell’s wife was – there’s nothing worthy of my curiosity about that turtle, I thought, up until now.


It doesn’t bother me a bit that most people would explain writing a book as a ‘tooth pulling’ experience, just because it was. Writing a book and publishing it was as exhausting as it gets, for a fact that you had to complete one long process after another; by the time your book is ready to be published, months would have gone by. But that is a story of the yesterday…Thanks to #PoweredByIndie.

There aren’t too many people in this universe to-day with that kind of time at their hands; time is money, and therefore must be treated as such. If it has to take you months – 6-12 months – just to publish one book, then you are one of those left in the dust of yesterday.

The world of to-day moves like a current too fluid to wait for months or even a year for your book to be published, when other writers like you would have published one book after another. Indie publishers, at least most, do have the capability to publish one book every week or more, dependent upon their desired goal.

I can almost certainly say…most writers…write to make money, and if you are one of those still left in the dust of yesterday – writing one book in one year – chances are…it will be almost impossible for you to catch up with demand and supply.

And that is where self-publishing comes in handy; all you need is to write a compelling yet effective copy quickly to compete on leveled grounds. Writing doesn’t have to take months and sometimes years; there are other things to do as well besides writing. And every writer is different from the other, and with different stories to tell, as well as different segments to carter to.

It took me 8 months to complete my first book ( the Numbers Game), revise it more than once and get it published. Whereas my second book (12 Hour Work Days-Helicopter Parents) took me three weeks, at most to complete and publish it…That afforded me a window of opportunity to throw-in numerous e-books.

Writing – like any other business – is all about timing – you spend less time on crafting your ideas and more time on advertising. To make money writing, one must develop skills – writing and publishing quickly. The more you publish, the more likely you will be to succeed as a writer.


Content Marketing is a way in which business owners communicate with their prospective customers by consistently producing relevant and valuable content with the intention of enhancing consumer behavior. This is an ongoing procedure, which is best incorporated into your complete marketing approach that focuses on capitalizing on social media.

Conclusively, content marketing is a methodology that allows business owners to create relevant and unique content to attract, acquire, and retain a clearly defined target audience to engage and influence consumer action without direct selling. Instead of selling to your customers products and services, you instead provide them with interesting information via an online diary, for a particular subject or niche, which must then be updated regularly. The other aspect of content marketing is that it can be interactive – where your target audience can actually comment on your posts and information – and become part of your circles.

The great perception about content marketing is that people love to read for fun and information – in fact, content marketing is one of the few areas of the internet that covers a vast field of topics including business, health, pleasure, networking, play, and etc. It is for this very justification content marketing has universal appeal across multiple communication platforms. It can do for your business what only face-to-face marketing could effectively do in the past – provides you with real, interesting connection to your readers-personalized contact, and information about your company which will allow them to empathize, and discuss important issues, as well as anything that involves hot button topics and your business.

This in turn will create a group of raving fans who will always look forward to what you have to say – creating a sense of community; a community of people who like you, and trust everything you say pertaining to products or services. A consumer who relates to you is more likely to buy from you.