Parenting is by no means an easy task, as people with children may already know, especially if you’re a single parent. As a single parent, you assume both roles – that of a mother and father –  which, in most instances … is hard to do. There are times when my children think I’m too tough on them, even though they’re grown enough to make their own decisions. What they don’t seem to realize is that my job as a mother is to parent, whether or not they agree with my parenting style. Sometimes they’re not afraid to voice their opinion, which in most cases is brushed aside if it does not make any sense. When they say – oh, you’re too old to understand. I say no – of course I do! What they don’t realize is that with age comes wisdom. And by no means is 47 considered too old to make anyone lose track of what they are doing – memory. I am a mother first before I’m anything else!

When my father disagreed with me on many issues when I was a child, I thought he was a coward, until I was old enough to realize why he behaved the way that he did. I know and hope that my children will do the same, someday – they will begin to understand how important it is that they listen to me when I speak. Unfortunately, it’s a little too late for my poor father, who’s been gone for 23 plus years. Had he been alive today, I would have had a genuine adult conversation with him now that I am mature – old enough to understand. He told me a lot of things, most of which did not make any sense to me, at the time, as I did not know any better, I was only a kid. Having children who do not listen to you can give you blood pressure, now I know that, for sure.

Anyway, the reason I’m creating this page is because my daughter Esther graduated from high school on Tuesday, November 19, 2013. This is an accomplishment, a milestone; if this isn’t, then I don’t know what is. I lost my voice shouting, yelling, and screaming like I mean it; it has been quite a journey on a bumpy road, and yes, it’s done! Though not there just yet, at least we’ve inched closer to the finish line.

Raising a decent, well-disciplined child in this world in which we live is near impossible, but can be achieved with a little bit of tough love. Ndime ntengwa kabili busunko buli muchamba – kuzyala nkwimika, in Ila I would say, the rough part – part 1, is over. Most of you can readily agree that we live in an imperfect world with unpredictable circumstances.

At the Long Beach Convention Center is where it all went down. Got two more screams, shouts and yells to go. There were a million or more people, jam-packed in one hall, all screaming on top of their voices, yet still, from a distance, my daughter could recognize my voice when I opened my twisted mouth. Lost my voice! It’s okay! it doesn’t cost anything. I will undoubtedly regain it in a few days, but memories of that will last forever. My daughter graduating from high school after all we’ve been through is inexpressible – I haven’t come up with words to measure my gratitude.

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