My name is Viora Mayobo, born in a small town called Mumbwa in central province, Zambia. English is my second language, but I don’t let that stand in my way of writing. I love writing, learning and educating others. The English language is without doubt highly complex, as it comes in many different shapes and forms, but trust me, nothing is impossible if you are determined to do whatever it takes to succeed.

I was raised in a remote village of Chitapu, where, people who still live there, today, climb in trees to talk on their cell phones. If you think that is funny, think again! Because it’s not. This might sound funny to many of you in the western world, but it’s real, it’s happening as we speak.

As a child growing up, I walked to school for three and half hours just to get an education, and another three and half hours, going back home. Yet somehow, I managed to graduate on top of my class, I wasn’t the brightest, but I was certainly one of the best there was in class.


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